Create Your Online Course Within 30 Days Without Leaving Your House

We will take all of your knowledge and information and synthesize it into an online course complete with videos, custom graphics, full editing, and a custom sales funnel.

You Have The Knowledge, Let Us Do The Rest

We get it. You want to create a course but you don’t know where to begin and you are feeling a little overwhelmed right now. We understand and we are here to solve that problem. It starts with getting to know you and your business so we can create a course and sales funnel that speaks to your brand.

Together we will create everything you need to build, produce and market your online course. From the introduction video to a custom sales funnel, We do all the heavy lifting.

How Does This Work?

Lay It On Us

You send us all your content and information and we break it down into a curriculum that is suitable for an online course. We know it’s hard to read the label from inside the jar so we take care of that for you. You have the knowledge, we will just organize it all for you.

We Clean It All Up

We will create your course curriculum with custom graphics and custom branding to match your aesthetic. If you are in the DMV you can record your videos in our studio and if not we will send you a best practices guide for filming your videos at home. Don’t worry, we will walk with you every step of the way to make sure they are top quality. We then edit all of your videos and attach them to the course for completion.

You See Profits

Once the course is finished, we create a custom sales funnel to embed into your website to ensure visibility and more importantly, sales! We can also create a custom university for your website so you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to anyone. Your course, your website, your revenue. Keep them on your website and keep every dollar of those sales.

Course Creation

We create your course in its entirety with up to 25 videos, the marketing video, the course videos, all your graphics and, the custom sales funnel!

Course Creation w/ University Build

Not only we will create your course but we will build you a University on your WordPress website to keep your potential clients on your website.

The Works

We will build you a brand new 3 Page WordPress website with the custom sales funnel for the course, the University build out AND we will load your new course into your school. All you have to do is focus on the content.

About Us

HeartCast Media is a full service podcast production studio and content creation lab located in Washington, DC. With over 20 years of experience in multimedia, we are experts in content creation and brand visibility.

We have a large team of experts to get you across the finish line. From producers and graphics designers to top notch webmasters, we can do it all! Our client list includes the US Department of Health, the US Department of Energy and Environment, The Washington City Paper and many more.

You have all the information and we have the skills. Let’s work together to accomplish your goals this year.

Molly D Ruland


We can create everything within 30 days but it all depends on you. Once you send us all of the information we have requested you will get your initial course outline within 7 business days. Once we have your videos you will have them back and added to your course within 14 business days. The faster you get us the content the faster we can get it done. You are the captain of this ship, let’s set those sails.

If you order them at the same time and get us all of the information we request as mentioned above your university will take 20 business days to create.

As long as you submit everything we need for the creation we can have everything done at the same time and we will load your course in for you. If you move fast you can have a new website, your own university and a professionally built online course that’s ready for distribution and sales within 30 days.

We have a couple options for you. First thing we will do is work with you on how to record using the equipment that you have. If you don’t have the tools we can either direct you to a site to buy the equipment that you need at a discounted rate. All you need is your phone, a tripod and a good recording device for the audio. Don’t worry, we will make it easy.

Take as little time or as much time as you need, your credit with us will be good for up to 12 months. We can always make an exception for you but the goal of this offer is to get your course out there and making you money so we will push you to stay on track.

Absolutely, we have your back every step of the way. You will be assigned a contact at Heartcast Media who will help you with your content and answer all of your questions.


Online Course Creation & Sales Funnel

Online Course Creation & Sales Funnel


Course Creation & University Build Out

Keep Your Students On Your Website & In Your Sales Funnel


The Works: Course Creation, WordPress Website & University Build Out

Everything You Need To Create The Revenue Stream You Need